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01:19 PM Crypto-Stick Implementation #2937 (Closed): Develop driver for Gnuk
01:16 PM Crypto-Stick Feature #2935 (Closed): Windows MiniDriver Enhancement
01:16 PM Crypto-Stick Bug #2940 (Closed): Compile Opensc Gnuk in window2


05:23 AM Crypto-Stick Documentation #2918: Comparison table
Have you tested to use OpenSSL? I think the OpenSC engine would be required.
05:19 AM Crypto-Stick Bug #2927 (Closed): Firefox Add-on consolidation
The goal is to get a Add-on for Firefox which adds the required
OpenSC/PKCS11 driver to Firefox to make it users as ...


12:22 PM Crypto-Stick Documentation #2919: Documentation for GNUK
as agreed via Skype, please update both Wikis (because right now it seems not clear which of the two will survive). A...
05:10 AM Crypto-Stick Documentation #2918: Comparison table
Quan Nguyen wrote:
> About using with OpenSSH, I haven't tested, due to OpenSSH problem:
Could you file a bug rep...


02:58 PM Crypto-Stick Feature #2912 (In Progress): Support certificate import in Gnuk
I understand this item hasn't been resolved yet. Please correct me if I'm wrong and change the status accordingly. :-)


05:12 AM Crypto-Stick Documentation #2918: Comparison table
Hi Quan! Actually this table would give a good testing approach. The table should summarize what works and doesn't wo...


11:10 AM Crypto-Stick Implementation #2883: Decide which feature to be integrated to openpgp-tool
Please go ahead and implement both features.

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