Shark is an acronym. It stands for Shared Knowledge. Shark applications store user data only on user devices. We don't use any server or cloud architecture. Each Shark application is a peer - an independent and self-contained entity which can directly communicate with others. Communication in Shark based systems can be based on Internet protocols like TCP, HTTP and the e-mail protocols. Data can also be exchanged with e.g. Wifi direct (Wireless LAN in ad-hoc mode). Such applications work even without an existing infrastructure which is quite sufficient and effective e.g. for local based services but also in situations in which infrastructure isn't available, too expensive or not secure. Shark is a developer framework for building semantic P2P applications. It has to major parts: A semantic data model and a communication protocol stack. The data model is a subset of RDF and Topic Maps. The communications model was inspired by software agent communications languages. We have created a very slim protocol stack that works on Internet protocol as well as in ad-hoc networks.

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Manager: Hong Phuc Dang, Mario Behling
Developer: Thanh Nguyen