The Crypto Stick is a USB stick in a small form factor containing an integrated OpenPGP smart card to allow easy and high-secure encryption e.g. of e-mail or for authentication in network environments. As opposed to ordinary software solutions, private keys are always inside the Crypto Stick so that their exposure is impossible. All cryptographic operations (precisely: decryption and signature because of public key cryptography) are executed on the PIN-protected Crypto Stick. In case the Crypto Stick was stolen, got lost, or is used on a virus-contaminated computer (e.g. Trojan horse) no attacker is able to access the private keys so that all encrypted data stays secure. The Crypto Stick is developed as a non-profit open source project and ensures a very high level of security due to verifiability and an attractive price. The open interface of the used OpenPGP smart card allows optimal compatibility with various software applications (e.g. GnuPG, Mozilla Thunderbird + Enigmail, OpenSSH, Linux PAM, OpenVPN, Mozilla Firefox).

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Manager: Mario Behling, Quan Nguyen
Developer: Jan Suhr, Quan Nguyen
Reporter: Jan Suhr
Observer: Jan Suhr